Patient Care : New GPS Procedure

GPS (Guided Personalized Surgery) Improves Joint Replacement Surgery

An Optimal Technique For An Optimal Outcome

University of Miami Hospital is the first and only facility in South Florida to offer a new tool: guided personalized surgery (GPS), to ensure custom precision and accuracy in total knee replacement surgery. Studies confirm that using the GPS system improve accuracy of the joint replacement within less than one degree and less than 1 millimeter.

When it comes to knee replacement, accurate alignment of the implant components is an important factor in the success and function of the implant.

This guided personalized surgery by is the latest advancement in technology that provides real-time (during surgery) visual guidance in total knee replacement. This advanced platform combines the expertise of UHealth surgeons with a computer system to perform your knee surgery with a goal of advanced accuracy and precision, allowing for simple adjustments, and implant alignment personalized to your unique anatomy – optimal technology for optimal outcome.

Quite simply, the GPS system is more precise, simpler, less invasive, and no more expensive than traditional knee replacement surgery techniques.

How does the GPS system work?

This computerized system analyzes the information it has gathered about your knee DURING surgery and displays it on the screen in a graphical format with calculated key measurements.

With a few simple infrared trackers briefly placed on the patient’s bone, the system sends data on the patient’s anatomical structure and joint movement to the computer.

The images on the screen allow the surgeon to verify where to remove bone and cartilage and appropriately place the implant.

Personalized for your unique bone structure and anatomy, this advanced system provides a comprehensive view of your knee joint and bone structure, which allows your UHealth surgeon to make adjustments to ensure accurate and precise placement of the knee implant within less than one degree and less than one millimeter.

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